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  • Will I need a consultation?
    Yes, before any semi permanent makeup procedure can be done it’s important to have a consultation with me. I like to take a look at your skin and discuss what’s involved and the style and shape of brow you are looking to achieve. I will also carry out a skin test of the pigment.
  • Does it hurt?
    No, although you may feel a light scratching as I gently shade the first layer of pigment. After the skin is broken, a soothing gel is then applied to make you feel more comfortable. Generally my clients are comfortable and surprised that it isn’t more painful.
  • Can I have semi permanent makeup if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
    No, I am unable to carry out this treatment whilst you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • How long does the procedure take?
    Treatment can take anything from 90 minutes to 2 hours. It really depends how long it took to draw on a desired shape and how well your skin takes the pigment, everyone is individual and the pigment is applied in layers to build the desired look.
  • How many treatments will I need?
    Generally you will need two treatments. I like to think of the second treatment as the “perfecting” appointment, at this visit I will tweak any areas that may need attention, address any patchiness and go over the brows again to ensure good retention. Some clients retain pigment better than others, it depends on skin type, everyone is different. The price quoted covers the second treatment and should be carried out from week 6 but no later than week 12.
  • Do you have to remove the brow hair that is already there?
    Absolutely not. I will only remove brow hair that falls outside of the brow shape that I create in the design. Keeping the brow hair will give a more natural look to the brows. If your brows are extremely overgrown I may recommend a wax to tidy them one week before your appointment.
  • Will my brows fade once they are healed?
    Yes, following your first treatment brows will fade 50 – 60% This is completely normal and why a second treatment is required to perfect the look.
  • Can I work out, swim or use a sauna after my treatment?"
    No, this should be avoided for 14 days. You should follow the aftercare strictly to avoid pigment loss.
  • I’ve had Microblading in the past and want an ombré brow, can this be done?"
    If your brows have faded enough then yes, I should be able to work on your brows, but you should arrange a consultation so I can take a look at your brows.
  • Do I need a skin test for semi permanent makeup?
    I do offer a skin test of the pigment to clients who have not had a previous tattoo procedure. However this is not conclusive in that you won’t have a reaction to full treatment, but this is extremely rare.
  • I am taking medication, can I still have semi permanent makeup?"
    There are some medications and conditions that contraindicate PMU. You will be required to complete a medical history and consultation form prior to your appointment so that I can assess if this may affect you.
  • Why is it called Semi Permanent makeup? Is it not permanent like any tattoo?
    Yes it is a tattoo, however due to the pigment not being implanted as deeply as traditional tattoos it does fade more. You should be aware that there will always be traces of work in your skin, if you choose to not have top up treatments there will always be residue in your skin and it could fade to an undesirable tone. It is strongly advised to have your brows refreshed on average every 18-24 months.
  • Will I be red or swollen after my treatment?
    Brows do not swell, they sometimes show signs of redness but this subsides over the following hour or so after the procedure.
  • I have had Botox, can I still have semi permanent makeup?"
    I can treat your brows one month following any Botox treatment.
  • I have had Semi permanent makeup and I don’t like it, can it be removed?"
    You can have laser or saline removal to improve the appearance but total removal is never guaranteed. I do not currently offer this service.
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